PRESS RELEASE: Unite Upgrades Brand With Announcement of New Logo

KENT TOWN, AUS – Unite is launching a new logo to represent the ever-evolving brand, according to Darren, the company Coach.

Branding is essential to success in Unite’s industry, sales and marketing, explained Darren. Having a logo that effectively communicates the ideas behind the company makes it easier to attract new clients to represent. It also helps to communicate the Unite experience to business consultants considering participating in our network.

“This is an exciting step for us,” Darren said. “Helping companies bring their products successfully to market is always on our minds. So, naturally, we are aware of the Unite brand and how it is empowering our goals. I decided it was time to take our image to the next level. So, I am thrilled to announce the launch of our new logo.”

Darren will officially unveil the logo at the conference in Cabarita Breach, New South Wales. He is looking forward to the chance to show off his company’s new look to many of Australia’s top sales and marketing professionals.

According to Darren, investing into branding is essential to success. It not only makes the company stand out more, it also fosters greater loyalty and trust. A memorable image means that customers are more likely to return rather than go to a competitor.

“Caring about the firm’s image also conveys a sense of pride,” he continued. “When people see Unite’s brand upgrade, they will know that we care about our image and our work. When providing event-based marketing services, that sense of commitment is so valuable.”

Unite’s Coach Discussed Achieving Business Growth

Darren indicated that Unite’s new branding is part of a broader vision for the future. He asserted that effective strategic planning is an absolute must for any ambitious individual or organisation.

“Clarity is perhaps the most important element of effective planning,” he stated. “Specific and measurable aims empower people to stay on course and pushing toward the next level of success. Identifying those objectives requires time dedicated toward goal setting.”

He added that it is often easiest to review the company’s current position and ideal situation after a certain time frame. Darren then uses the difference between those two points to plan.

“The other key element of goal-setting is visibility,” he concluded. “If you want to achieve any aspiration, make is easy to remember. Post goals on the wall if necessary. Just make sure you and any other stakeholders are always aware of the objective.”

About Unite

Unite is one of Australia’s leading direct marketing companies. Situated in Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney. Unite Marketing is a recognised leader in consulting and marketing services. We partner with companies so that they can progress their products’ visibility and achieve profit goals. Our contractors work with clients to understand their unique business requirements. We create a customised solution that best suits each company’s outreach needs. Learn more about their success at

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