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Questions to Help Find a Professional Match

There are many different situations where you may have to meet with someone to discuss a new professional opportunity. Often, questions you ask refer to past skills and experience, but sometimes, a great way to find the perfect match is to talk about the future. Unite consultants are always looking for people who are thinking…

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Use These Tricks to Boost Speaking Confidence

Public speaking is something we hope every Unite business consultant has the opportunity to practise regularly and, during our workshops, we share tips on how to overcome nervousness and give a successful talk: • Remind Yourself That You’re Confident: If you don’t think you’re confident, you won’t be. So, if you’re nervous about giving a…

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The Ingredients of a Flourishing Company Culture

Unite Marketing’s office culture is vibrant. It encapsulates our values, promoting creativity and collaboration. It drives our engagement and performance as well. Healthy business environments don’t simply come into their own, however. They are intentionally shaped. Following are some of their sturdiest culture building blocks. Janell Gale, Facebook’s vice president of human relations, emphasises a…

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Secure Professional Success by Adopting These Habits

Everyone is unique – especially the most successful individuals among us. As we pursue our professional goals, we learn and adopt the habits that elevate people like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. Here are some examples of the practises that push Unite Marketing forward. It’s true that many highly accomplished individuals are wealthy, but they…

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Darren Discusses Landing New Opportunities

Professional growth is a major part of Unite Marketing life. That’s why Darren, a consultant with Unite Marketing, believes that every motivated individual should be fully prepared when attending an appointment for a new contracting opportunity. Here are some techniques that will help: Do the Homework: Before your meeting, research the company in question. Learn…

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All About Darren’s Commitment to Coaching

Unite Marketing would not be so successful today without a talented group of consultants. Darren is especially valuable due to his passion for coaching. He is focussed on helping others become their best professional selves. In addition to his commitment to helping his fellow consultants, Darren is eager to offer insight into how candidates can…

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