Announcing a New Campaign for Solar Energy Business

We are excited to announce that Unite will be launching a new campaign to promote a solar energy brand. Working with a company to launch a campaign to represent its product or service is always a motivating time. This is especially true for those projects that make as positive an impact as green energy. We are looking forward to putting our network of business consultants towards this great campaign.

This sales and marketing effort will be focussed on businesses. The consultants working within Unite’s network will encourage them to replace their old lighting systems with more efficient alternatives such as LED bulbs. This will go a long way towards reducing the environmental impact of these companies. It will also help to keep their utility costs to a minimum. It is a truly a win-win situation.

Beyond low-impact lighting, the brand also provides solar energy equipment. Solar energy is quickly becoming more advanced, less expensive, and widely available. This is making it an ever more popular power source. We are proud to support this important movement. Together we will help communities to make better energy choices.

New campaigns are the fuel that keep the sales and marketing industry running. Whenever we begin working with a new brand, it is a chance to be innovative. With the reach of the group of business consultants who work with us, we will ensure that this solar energy campaign becomes another Unite success story.

Posted on November 15, 2017 in Blog

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