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Incorporate Giving Back in Your Brand

Giving back to the community is a core part of the Unite ethos, and we’re always looking for ways other companies have built corporate responsibility into their missions. While different methods work for different organizations, it’s always good to see a business that cares enough to make it more than just a buzz phrase. For…

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Improve Organizational Dynamics

There are so many situations in business during which you have to work in a group that Unite consultants have made a point of studying how to improve organizational dynamics. Reading books and case studies, plus talking to industry leaders, shows us that there are a couple of great ways to improve: • Let Them…

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Questions to Help Find a Professional Match

There are many different situations where you may have to meet with someone to discuss a new professional opportunity. Often, questions you ask refer to past skills and experience, but sometimes, a great way to find the perfect match is to talk about the future. Unite consultants are always looking for people who are thinking…

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Use These Tricks to Boost Speaking Confidence

Public speaking is something we hope every Unite business consultant has the opportunity to practise regularly and, during our workshops, we share tips on how to overcome nervousness and give a successful talk: • Remind Yourself That You’re Confident: If you don’t think you’re confident, you won’t be. So, if you’re nervous about giving a…

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